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  • STPLN 3 Stapelbäddsgatan Malmö, Skåne län, 211 19 Sweden (map)

Sustainable Self: practicing presence, mindfulness, understanding ourselves and our values in the urban environment


This two parts, 4 hours session, aims:    

To rediscover presence, ourselves, our values;         

Explore our personal and cultural identity;    

Learn     how to sharpen our focus and concentration;

Learn     how to deal with stressful situations in life;

Learn     how to really listen to ourselves and deal with conflicts arising within ourselves;     


Science has shown that 45 % of our time, we tend to think about the past, another 45 % to worry or think about the future, which leaves us only with 10 % for enjoying and experiencing the present moment.

The question is how would we live, if we could extend the time we are living and enjoying the present moment and life in both work and personal circumstances?

Using meditation and mindfulness technique, we will allow ourselves to enjoy the present moment and learn how we can control our mind and instead of thinking about our past failures or future plans, live more in the present moment.

During the two sessions, we will be look into ourselves, open our mind and heart towards our inner feelings, thoughts and emotions. We will dive deep into listening to ourselves and understanding that we really are? And what we want from life?